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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  December 1, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and, baltimore. >> good morning, maryland. now don scott, marty bass and the latest breaking news from wjz's news team. your first warning weather, and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it is wjz, mare maryland's news station. >> it is 6:00 and december is starting out dry and cold. we will find out from tim in a moment. sharon is watching traffic and
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it is tim in for vacationing marty bass in the first warning weather center. >> we are looking at some of the coldest mornings we have had over the last -- well in recent memory really. 27 in oakland, 39 is the warm spot down at the river, 37 on the shore and northeast maryland, high pressure in control of the forecast bringing in very dry but seasonably cold air, just that the seasonably cold air is something we have not dealt with in a while. we are not seeing 70s soon. starting off around freezing, going up to a high of around 50 degrees with sunshine, dry air and a light breeze. we will have your complete updated first warning forecast coming up in just a few moments don. >> thank you, what is happen in on 70 and the other roads? here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> hi, don, not much. but we will take it their morning after a difficult commute yesterday morning. no issues to report the moment. speeds in fact still upper 50s with 11 minute drive times on the top and the west side of the beltway. a live look outside at the harrisburg expressway at york
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road problem free. we can say the same for 895 in and out of the harbor tunnel. we are always on so for traffic information you can always log on. back over to you. >> here is what people are talking about today. the voice behind those robo calls on election night takes a stand as a witness for the prosecution but derek valcourt reports ronda russell may have done more to help the defense. >> i would call it a political tactic of counter intiewtivity. >> reporter: this is ronda russell, the woman whose voice was heard on robo calls to 112,000 democrats. the call told voters the governor o'malley had won re- election before the polls even closed. >> we are okay. relax, everything is fine. the only thing left is to watch on tv tonight. >> reporter: prosecutors argue it was illegal because it was plenty to keep democrats from
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voting. they blame urlich's campaign manager paul shirk and ronda russell's boss, julia henson but on the stand russell told jurors the robo calls were meant to be reverse psychology. >> this would stimulate the voters to say hey my vote is going for urlich, he is down- and-out, i am going to vote for him after i heard this call. >> reporter: she said it was her fault it went to democrats and not republicans, saying she used lists she already had available rather than generating new lists. >> i used lists from previous clients because i was being lazy. it wasn't w out of anyone asking or anyone being duplicitous. it was my decision to use the list. >> reporter: the prosecutor has rested. the defense begins their case on thursday. they have a long list of witnesses, among those expected to testify former governor bob
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urlich and congressman elijah cummins. >> julius henson will not be called to testify in this trial because he is facing his own in february. three men are charged with robberies. they carjacked two people and robbed a dozen others. one person was shot in the leg and eye. they were caught after crashing their car following a high speed pursuit. the people pitching tents downtown are still not doing so legally. a judge has denied occupy baltimore's request to remain in the square where they have been living for the past two months. the city says it cannot approve permits lasting longer than five days and notes policy bans the assembly of more than 150 people and sleeping in a city park but the leaders pledge to stay. but up in boston a court has set to decide today whether the city can evict the protesters there. the city calls their in campment a tender box saying it
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is a fire fire is a fire waiting to happen. and spending this night in new york city preparing a interview is gary giordano, he is off aruba but certainly not out from under the cloud of suspicion just yet. wjz and gigi barnett are live with the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. giordano makes his first public comments today, expected to talk about his missing travel companion, a woman from frederick county. gary giordano is back on american soil this morning for the first time since traveling to aruba nearly four months ago. he landed on the island with robyn gardner, a woman from frederick whom he met on line. while on vacation she went missing and giordano says she vanished while they were snorkeling. >> i know that is what he told us about the moment, the
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incident happened. his description of the situation is not in accordance with reality. >> reporter: his attorney, the same man who represented casey anthony, says his client just wants to get home to gaithersburg. neighbors are not so sure what to expect. >> who would think in our little neighborhood there would be an international story unfolding? scary. and so know that is going on in your neighborhood is unsettling. >> reporter: the fbi raided his home in august and this week two neighbors tried unsuccessfully to take out protective orders against him. meanwhile an appeals court in aruba said no to a request to bring him back to that island. the court said prosecutors do not have enough evidence to do so. back to you. >> those prosecutors admit they only have circumstantial evidence, including the insurance policy he took out on her before they left. herman cane remains defiant in the face of more allegations -- or the allegation that he
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had a 13 year extra marital affair. he says that latest claim along with the others are all just attempts to assassinate his character, he insists this is an effort by democrats who fear his campaign. >> as a result of me being an unconventional candidate and someone who is going to fundamentally take power out of washington, d.c. and give it to the people, in terms of restructuring the tax code, that is what they fear the most. >> cane says he will make a decision on whether to continue his campaign sometime after tomorrow, when he is scheduled to meet in person with his wife and family for the first time since the allegations came out. european stock markets are slipping this morning, a day after wall street soared. investors here seemed happy with the news the banks were working together to boost the global economy. the dow jumped nearly 500 points, the largest one day
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gain in a year. european investors are acting more cautiously this morning. back here a monumental occasion is set to take place tonight in mt. vernon, hundreds are expected to kickoff the season with the lighting of the washington monument. there will be several street closures including charles and cathedral. the ceremony is set to begin at 7:00 and will be mced by former ravens kicker matt stover. up in new york the dazzling display as the mayor illuminates the tree. that tree will remain on display until january the 7th. and in important sports the ravens are looking to triple up on wins and stay on top. here is mark viviano with the report from the team's training facility in owings mills. >> reporter: the ravens returned to practice on extra rest, 10 days between games as
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they prepare for a trip to cleveland, rested players but some fans and critics are restless because the ravens lost three road games they were expected to win earlier this year, making them seem in cost tent. >> people want to say we have had an up and down season. we are 8-3, there is nobody better than us in the afc so to say that i don't think is correct. it is just we have not played well against some teams that people you know would expect us to beat. >> we know you know it is in the back of our minds obviously you know those games we have had so we are working our tails off to try to you know go out there and execute a good game plan and not turn the ball over and just you know play raven football. >> reporter: earlier losses play be in the back of their minds but they look at what is in front of them, a play off push as they hit december. >> we know what is ahead of us, december football is a time where i want to actually
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elevate my game, sort of like being a 4th quarter and this is the 4th quarter of our season. >> reporter: 5 games remain, two of them against cleveland in december, the browns are a team they have beaten 6 straight times. back to you. >> thank you very much. the ravens are favored by a touchdown this sunday in cleveland playing the browns. we will have the game against the browns live here at 4:00 on wjz sunday afternoon at 4:00 again. >> i am still curious no one has questioned joe on the new -- >> we had him talking about it. >> did he? >> yeah. >> -- last week -- >> -what he -- >> -- do the same -- >> okay -- >> -- fu manchus -- >> okay -- >> -- followed suit and has a few man fu manchu as well.
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>> okay. i know he has done -- >> i don't think he wants to be recognized on the street. >> he welcomes like he should have a big hat and platform shoes and theme song with awa- wa-wa you know. >> you thought this through. >> something from the 70s. >> i thought it makes him look older. >> yeah. >> quarterbacks are all pretty young i guess. >> okay, you know i guess it gives him a tough edge. why not? >> yeah. >> why not. >> yeah. >> if it worked i bet you he won't shave it until they get to the playoffs so hey, we will see. we will see how long he has it. hats off to him. i am glad, change your look, change your attitude, win. >> it is one of those facial hair things that won't effect your chin strap. >> chin scrap as ray lewis would say. >> i have not heard that. >> we are looking at 52 degrees, maybe that is a good sign. >> maybe.
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>> 28 degrees and clear tonight, 50 for tomorrow, a full day of sunshine. we will talk about the weekend forecast for your first december weekend in just a few moments. >> speaking of football and being a big time quarterback, we are going to make shoe. hi. >> hey michael. >> can you play that heroic football music under me right now while i do this? >> sure. why not. >> all right. >> here it comes. >> there you go. >> when you combine football and flags you have flag football. coming to pimlico on saturday, we will show you what is going on, when eyewitness news continues on the frozen tundra. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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-dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats
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that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ hi. i am sergeant gibson, good morning, wjz. >> good morning sergeant and good morning to everyone. we are looking at a pretty chilly start to the day. so if you are planning on being out and about early this morning give yourself time to let the car warm up, although we say that just wastes gas but
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you will need it to warm up today, temperatures around freezing and you well need the heavier coat today. those are your temperatures in those areas. all courtesy of high pressure moving into the region. all seasonably dry air but for the most part it is all air that is just colder than what we have been dealing with. we are starting off with temperatures just around freezing and the humidity at 61% with the temperature now in the 30s. the winds coming from the northwest at 12 miles per hour. 30.22 the barometer has risen since we have been on the air. temperatures, 36 in ocean city, around the metro just around the 30s to 42 degrees down in annapolis and on kent island. the winds are in the double digits, the pressure is still high enough we are getting these readings up around 12 to
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about 20 miles per hour. very cold air in the northern tier of the states up toward the great lake states that is the air we are tapping into but as that high continues to move off to the east by the weekend temperatures go back to mild range, up to at least the normal highs and then we will start to go up closer to about 60 degrees heading into sunday and the beginning of the week. your sunrise today at 7:08. sunset at 4:44. small craft advisory on the bay through 1:00 this afternoon. then the winds die down. normal high is 50. we will go up to 52. so it is still above the average. tonight down around 28, so that is very cold. of course colder in the north and west suburbs. full day of sunshine tomorrow, 54. 52 on saturday. 56 and 60 on sunday and monday. a chance of rain we go to 56 degrees on tuesday. don. >> thank you very much. if you are soon to be out and about here is sharon at wjz
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traffic control. >> hi, don, good morning, everyone. if you are just about to head out the door no problems to run into. the cold weather is the biggest one the moment. speeds at 62 and 54 miles an hour on the beltway open the top and west sides. starting to slow down from the mid-60s when we first came in. there is a look at 795. everything still looking good there at franklin boulevard. no issues on the top side of the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. back over to you don and tim. >> thank you very much. so far this morning mike schuh has imitated an nfl quarterback and the voice of the nfl films, what awaits us now? >> hi michael. >> i am done. did you like it so far? >> yeah there you go. you know what was cool? remember when we played flag football as a kid? you had -- you tucked like a towel -- >> -- yeah -- >> -- then it went velcro,
6:19 am
look, new, state-of-the-art, hold this scott. ready? bam they are like these little circles and suction cup things they are cool. >> yeah. >> you will have these available, why? >> we are actually out here, we have resurrected a game we are all used to playing. out in the backyard. we put a little spin to it and made it into a tournament and beyond that festivallized it. >> that is a good word, festivallized it. >> as the director of funds you got to come up with words like that. >> i like that, i will look that up when i get back. how many games, what is the tournament, how many brackets, what is the prize? >> we have teams already registered. >> yes. >> 53 teams. >> wow. >> that incompasses -- >> -- any skill -- >> -- we have --
6:20 am
>> -- oh -- >> -- local folks. >> what about bums like me and my friends can we walk up and say, um, mongo play. >> we will consider you a free agent. >> yeah. >> what we will do is we will get you on a team probably in one of the co-ed. >> exactly -- >> -- joes -- >> -- joes -- >> -- none tackle -- >> -- the pros play a game that is very very close to tackle. >> yeah. >> a contact game -- >> -- sure -- >> -- majority -- >> -- cash prizes. >> merchandise prizes. >> excellent and a good time, everyone gets beverages as part of their -- >> -- 9:00 a.m. until 3:00. is there a charge? >> it is absolutely free. toys for tots will be out here -- >> yeah -- >> -- games that we have. there is also a corn hole -- >> -- yeah, okay, --
6:21 am
>> -- some -- >> -- pimlico, and which access would they get in? the main grandstand. >> the west rogers avenue side. the same one if they have been to the preakness infield. the same entrance, so on west rogers avenue -- >> -- tunnel entrance -- >> -- tunnel entrance -- >> -- is or was, then that is where you will be -- >> -- a lot -- >> -- oh -- >> -- 10:00 -- >> -- mike -- >> -- yes -- >> -clarification -- >> -- yeah -- >> -- football teams. >> don has this question there are professional flag football teams. >> yeah. >> scott, your answer. >> there are professional flag football teams. as a matter of fact up for grabs the 5-v-5 division out here is going to the championship in las vegas of all places. >> there you go big boy. now i asked if the loungerie bowl people are here and that is a different group but evidently some of the women are showing up but not dressed in
6:22 am
loungerie. >> they are going to be wearing their flags and i will leave it at that. >> keeping it family, keeping it real. >> all right. from pimlico, back to you guys on tv hill. >> all right, michael, a lot of fun going on down there. >> sounds like a lot of fun. >> and look at the prizes. >> is there a draft or anything? >> look at the sky brightening up in the east. up in the east. ,,,,s like we are going to have 7
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it is 25 past 6:00 and it is still an ex extremely tight race in the pro football challenge. here is jessica kartalija to update us open the standings from >> reporter: good morning. it is a jam-packed bobblehead leader board after 12 weeks of the football challenge, but still adam may remains on top ever so slightly, stand and i are one point behind with 122. tim williams right there too with 121. still in contention marty and mark vive mark viviano with 120. the big winner is ronnie, he correctly predicted all 16 games and came closest to the score of the sunday night game. he wins gift cards and sports
6:26 am
memorabilia, way to go ronnie, you can still sign up, go there and sign up under quick links. >> thank you jessica and ronnie, 16-16, don't forget your make your picks today because there is a game tonight. and next up this morning right here on wjz -- >> -- apple juice, you have heard the rumors, a new investigation confirms them. i am andrea fujii, how to keep your children safe next. >> back in the u.s., what is the next step for gary giordano, whose travel companion went missing in aruba? i am gigi barnett, a live report is coming up. >> reporter: good morning, i am meg any mecklenburg, controversy over the city's plan to privatize recreation centers, why some city leaders say it may be the only way to save them. >> reporter: and so far so good on area roadways with the exception of a very minor delay on the west side of the
6:27 am
beltway. right now over to tim. >> in for marty bass, the first warning weather center, warm up the car and get the heavy jacket out and maybe even the gloves, it is going to be probably one of the chilliest mornings you have remembered in quite sometime. we will have our first warning weather forecast in a few moments. >> also coming up he is the patriarch of the vampires and this morning we talked with the man under that blonde wig. he is our coffee with guest. stick ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hi, i am tom. >> i am dee. >> we are domestics, good morning, wjz. >> good morning to you, the second time today for the couple from essex. this is a live look outside, the sun is about to come up in the east and it has a lovely glow from horizon to horizon, but is it cold out there. sharon has traffic right after tim's first warning weather. >> it is cold with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. 52 degrees right now, mostly sunny though today, it is going to be a cold one though, 52 is on target for normal highs but chillier than we have seen in quite a while. 28 degrees clear and cold tonight. then 50 for tomorrow. a full day of sunshine heading
6:31 am
into your first purple friday of december. we will have your complete updated first warning weather forecast don in just a few moments. >> thank you how about that? what awaits you on your way to work or school? sharon has that. >> two problems there. also watch for an accident on fayette street and we have speeds starting to slow down on the west side of the beltway as well down to 52 miles an hour on the west side outer loop there with a 12 minute drive time. there is a live look outside at 895 at the harbor tunnel. it looks like everything is running smoothly despite that report of debris. everything running smoother. there is a look at 95. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. back over to you don. >> thank you. at the top of the news this half-hour the possible poison in fruit juice. a new investigation into the
6:32 am
levels of arsenic is yielding troubling results, andrea fujii has more in this morning's health watch report >> reporter: consumer reports tested 88 samples of apple and grape juice and found both arsenic and lead. >> we think that is especially important for children, whose young, small bodies are growing and who are much more vulnerable to those exposures based on the frequency of how much they consume juice. >> reporter: 10% of the juice samples had arsenic levels above what is allowed in drinking water, specifically a type called in organic arsenic, which raises the risk of cancer. and 25% of the juice samples had more lead than what is allowed in bottled water. consumers find it jarring. >> what do you think about leaded a arsenic in these juices? >> that is not a very good thing. i would not be happy about that and i would not purchase it any longer. >> it is crazy. i would never have guessed it would be in there and definitely don't want to be
6:33 am
drinking that obviously. >> the government has rules about arsenic and lead in drinking water but for now those limits don't apply to fruit juices. the fda says it is confident in the overall safety of apple juice but since some samples do contain higher levels of arsenic, the fda says it is expanding surveillance activities to help determine if a guidance level can be established. and children under six years old can drink some juice but consumer reports says they should drink no more than a few ounces per day. back to you. >> thank you andrea. for children under the age of six months consumer reports is telling parents not to give their babies any juice at all. a woman area police have dubbed the blonde bandit is believed to be behind bars this morning. stephanie schaub is accused of carjacking people and rocking banks, police caught up with her after an attempted robbery at a bb&t bank branch in
6:34 am
virginia yesterday. among the other agencies looking for her baltimore county police. >> after a ride our victim was nice enough to give her a ride to an additional store in the area where she was going and that is when our suspect pulled a knife. >> police say that crime happened in the parking lot of a supermarket on thanksgiving day. she has ties to the ms-13 gang. lawyers for gary giordano, the man suspected in the disappearance of robyn gardner say he just wants to be back home to spend time with his family now. but first he spent last night in new york city. wjz and gigi barnett explain what he is up to. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, don, good morning, everyone. gary giordano is expected to give his first public appearance today. he will tell his side of the story of exactly what happened in aruba. gary giordano is back on american soil this morning for the first time since traveling to aruba nearly four months ago, he landed on the island
6:35 am
with robyn gardner, a woman from frederick whom he met on line. while on vacation she went missing and he says she vanished while they went snorkeling. >> we know that is what he told us about the moment the incident happened. his description of the situation is not in accordance with reality. >> reporter: his attorney, the same man who represented casey anthony says his client just wants to get home to gaithersburg, neighbors are not so sure what to expect. >> who would think in our little neighborhood there would be an international story up folding. scary. and to know that is going on in your neighborhood is unsettling. >> reporter: the fbi raided his home in august and this week two neighbors tried unsuccessfully to take out protective orders against him. giordano is divorced. several women have accused him of violence and secretly video taping him. don, back to you. >> thank you very much gigi. an appeals court denied a
6:36 am
request to bring him back saying prosecutors still lack evidence against him. fire and ambulance calls are keeping one city firehouse very very busy. firehouse magazine is reporting the stedman station, the one at the bottom of the tower downtown, responds to more calls than any other firehouse in the country, according to the magazine last year the firefighters from the stedman house went to an average of 60 calls per day. five dozen a day. today marks world aids day, and your help is needed to try setting a world record locally. thousands of red panchos will be handed out at the coppin state university athletic complex, then everyone will line up into the shape of a red ribbon, they need a thousand people to come to the campus in order to set that record. all across the city safe places for children after school are in jeopardy of closing. all because of the budget deficit. here is meghan mccorkell to
6:37 am
explain the plan to keep some doors open. >> reporter: some community members are upset with the city's plan to privatize 25 of the rec centers but they say it may be the only way to save them. >> you are about to give away a gem in our community to strangers. >> reporter: firey feedback from a standing room only crowd. >> every time there is a financial crisis you can't keep cutting the children short. >> reporter: community members concerned but the plan to turn over management of 25 rec centers to businesses and non- profits. >> why would it be important to privatize it to give your rec center away? >> reporter: but with budget cuts looming officials say it is necessary. >> the goal is not to close any rec centers. >> reporter: with funding slashed the chief of recreation says finding partners may be the only solution. >> we are not going to be able to do it without partners so it is vital. >> reporter: some city leaders say the process of partnering with businesses and non-profits
6:38 am
need to be simplified. >> with 64 pages of requirements it has expensive. >> reporter: there is no cookie cutter answer says mary clark, she thinks each should be handled individually. >> every community is going to have a different way of doing it and structuring it. >> reporter: the chief recently told the city council the rec centers will stay open through june. meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> so far just 7 funding bids have come in for a total of 16 rec centers. the grammy nominations are in and a rapper is leading the back. kanye west landed 7 nominations including 1 for song of the year for the collaborative hit all of the lights, adele got 6, including record album and song of the year. the 54th annual grammy awards ceremony will air live, sunday, february the 12th right here on cbs. in sports it is finally back to business for -- and
6:39 am
basketball for the nba, players will be allowed back into facilities this morning to begin what are being called voluntary player workouts, also starting today teams can speak with their agents about trades. this marks the first time since july first players have lesson back back to work by the owners. the lockout ended on sunday. the big question for the ravens this weekend of course leading up to sunday in cleveland is whether ray lewis will be playing. he has missed the last two games with a turf toe like injury. yesterday he said he is doing everything he can to get back and help his team get where it wants to go. and if ray can't play on sunday jamel mcclain will start in his place once again. by the way the only place to see the ravens facing off with the browns in cleveland is right here on wjz 13, our live coverage begins sunday afternoon at 4:00. my turn to do john. >> yeah. well, speaking of ray lewis and his number, we have 52 degrees today. mostly sunny and it is a pretty
6:40 am
chilly day but again seasonably normal, 28 degrees tonight, then 54 for your -- we have been calling the first purple friday of december. it is going to be a pretty cold forecast up in cleveland. >> yeah one of your weather displays has the high pressure area right over cleveland. >> yeah. >> and you have these giant arrows coming down from the great north. >> yes, we do. >> that looks like it is going to be cold, cold, cold, in cleveland. >> there you have it. >> yeah. >> that is it, cleveland will be chilly. >> cleveland, where the arrow. >> we are talking a 4:00 start. >> yeah. >> yeah, it will be cold. >> it probably gets dark there at 3:30 in the afternoon this time of year because they are in our time zone but at the other end of end. >> the twilight in cleveland. >> you set them up for me right. it is breaking box office records as you heard and now breaking into the morning
6:41 am
edition as well. a member of the cullen family is going to join us next, carlyle cullen. he is today's coffee with guest, and sharon will have traffic and tim will have a lot more first warning weather for you. ♪
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hi, i am carolyn. good morning wjz. >> good morning. good morning essex and everyone else. a chilly start to the day. get the coat, probably the first time you need the heavy coat. that is our temperature there and those are your conditions. high pressure is in control. 27 degrees in oakland, 32 in cumberland, three elkton, 36 on the shore. those are your current temperatures there. wins coming in with a bit of an impact here. if we were talking wind chills really you could deduct probably 5 degrees off the actually temperature. tapping into cold air up around the top tier of the country. you see the blues, the snow
6:45 am
there, the sleet and freezing rain moving in across the great lakes. we are pretty close to that but the jet stream is keeping all that disturbance up farther to our north. we are going to see high pressure dominating the forecast. the high will ease off to the east and southeast of the it will allow milder air to move on in. so while 52 seems very cold it is actually close to the normal high for this time of year. as we see that high start to bringing warmer air or milder air we will actually get above that so temperatures go back up to about the 60 degree range but nowhere near as warms a those 70s. our sunset at 4:44, i guess officially i should mention that sun rise is at 7:48. the normal high is 50. we are above that. overnight lows down around 28 degrees for tomorrow 54, much like today a fuel day of
6:46 am
sunshine, seasonably chilly temperatures then 52 on saturday, 56 on sunday, 56 on monday with a chance of rain, fall back into the mid-50s then. back over to you don. >> here is sharon. >> we have not had too many problems but watching a traffic camera now and it looks like we may have had a problem just pop up. you can see there is a jam working already. meantime we do know that there was a traffic drag going on right now on 895 southbound at the harbor tunnel. that is causing about a three minute set back to o'donnell street and watch for one accident in the city west fayette at north gilmore. there is a look at average speeds and drive times open the beltway. 50 miles an hour your west side outer loop so that is your average slowest speed. however we are looking at this problem right now on the northwest side there at park heights again and you can see traffic definitely backing down. we will get you some more information on this one. this traffic report is brought
6:47 am
to you by your toyota dealer. back over to you. >> thank you. and the latest twilight movie is taking the world by storm and their wallet. this guest is one of the stars and the satellite time is furnished by them. please welcome him. >> morning. you can say what is up doc. >> what's up doc. what is up doc? >> a little movie -- >> -- doing -- >> -- breaking dawn. >> what is going gangbusters did you know this was going to happen? >> i don't think any of us could imagine how this movie could have hit on such a global market. i think if it had brad pitt
6:48 am
would have been playing him. >> speaking of playing carlyle cullen, do you ever get used to the blonde wig. >> you know i -- no. the first movie i died my hair and i actually liked it better. it is harder when -- to act in a wig. it feels like you have a costume on so it is a little more difficult but the last three movies are four movies there is jacquie and the twilight saga simm mull tannously, so ously, so i have been doing that. >> but an actor's dream. >> yeah, and also playing characters so rich and 180 degrees apart from each other it was a ball for me. >> now not to -- we hope to give a spoiler alert or anything, this movie how different was it from the other ones, of course, we call this a
6:49 am
saga, it is not a triology, a sequel, it is a saga, how difficult is this one having settled into your character, knowing what your character is doing, maybe than the first few? >> well, we always have a new director on these films so that kind of keeps it fresh for us as actors. they are coming in, they are -- it is a whole another look, it is a whole another tone and they are asking new questions so you know it doesn't get stale for us and this one is shot completely different than the other ones and it has its own specific look and i think he did a great job with it. it was a very difficult book, i thought to make. and i was very curious to see how it was going to turn out and i was very pleased with it. >> everybody notices of course part 1 and we know part 2 is coming out next november. but is -- is part 2 already shot? did you shoot them altogether and -- >> yeah, we shot part 1 and part two back-to-back so we shot for six months straight. >> wow. >> so all of the filming is
6:50 am
complete. i have not seen part 2 yet but what i like about it sometimes when you split them they feel incomplete. but this part one of breaking dawn feels like its own complete movie. it has a beginning, middle and an end and it really you know holds its own as a single movie and then part 2 is another single you know is another complete meal. >> now you of course are playing -- you are on the vampire side of things. >> yes. >> now as growing up could you have predicted being a a vampire or would you have chosen team -- >> -- i can only say when i was younger i did dress up as a vampire. >> wow. >> i never dressed up as a we're w erewolf. >> that is interesting.
6:51 am
any other projects? >> yeah i have a movie i wrote and produced and starred in called lucy --- >> pickpocket -- >> -- pregnant on a one night stand and his whole world goes upside down and it is a love tory with comedic elements but also a coming of age story for a guy that lives with his mom and kind of take responsibility for something and grow up you know and if you have time warner they are doing a special release or you can download it on lucy -- on i itunes it is called lucy --- >> -- vampire -- >> -- neck -- >> -- all you do. >> thank you very much. >> and you don't have to wear that yellow -- that blonde wig
6:52 am
anymore. >> no. i donated it to the smithsonian. >> all right. unless there is part three of course, thank you -- >> -- thank you -- >> -- more traffic of course and some first warning weather from tim. >> all right. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
five and a half until 7:00. time for updates with tim and sharon. >> we are starting off around freezing, maybe warmer, and a daytime high of 52, then 54 on
6:55 am
tomorrow, 52 on saturday, 56 on sunday. look for 60 on monday again and then a chance of rain on tuesday with temperatures back into the mid-50s, now for a check of the roads we send it over to sharon gibala. >> hi, tim, good morning, everyone, when we checked out the west side apparently there is police activity blocking two left lanes and causing this jam running back to park heights avenue there. we have still a problem on 895 southbound, some debris was in the tunnel. they did a traffic drag that caused a minor delay about three minute set back back to o'donnell street. one accident on west fayette at north gilmore and delays on the west and the top side now, 47 miles an hour on the west side. there is a live look outside at the northwest side. once you get beyond that police activity everything opens up there. you will have to watch for a little sun glare though judging from that shot. this traffic report is brought
6:56 am
to you by auto service plus. back over to you, don. >> thank you very much. and gary giordano, the man suspected in the disappearance of robyn gardner from frederick is back home in the u.s. from aruba. he claims she disappeared while they were snorkeling. they wrap up their case against the campaign manager. the woman who recorded the calls took the stand yesterday. she says she was not trying to suppress democratic voters. huns hundreds are expected to kickoff the season tonight. the ceremony is set to begin at 7:00. several roads will be closed because of it. stay with wjz 13 maryland's news station, complete news,
6:57 am
weather and traffic still ahead for you this morning, plus a for you this morning, plus a progress report fr,,,, or creates another laptop bag, or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $13.2 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them,
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